Your Linkedin Connections Are Worthless

We have all seen this post on Linkedin:



0 likes. 0 comments.


If you have a million connections, but they aren’t liking, commenting, or sharing your posts (ENGAGING WITH YOU)…

What value does your network actually have?

Is there value to having so many connections if you’re not actually “connected”?

You need to connect beyond simply clicking “ACCEPT” or you aren’t building a value network.


Ways To Build Value With You Social Networks:

  • People typically do not like being sold anything. And they definitely tend to not like having a new connection go straight for a sales pitch before actually establishing a relationship. When someone accepts your request, or you theirs, reach out to introduce yourself and what you do. Invite your new connection to share what they do. Get to know them and their interests.


  • ENGAGE with them on their posts. You can build a strong foundation for a relationship when you like their stuff, comment with your thoughts, and share things with your network. Send them things that would be of interest to them that aren’t related to your serviced.


  • Ask them for insights, help, and guidance when it comes to their area of expertise.


“Always Be Closing” doesn’t mean “Always Asking For Orders”.

Be strategic and your network will respond.

If you want a network that gives value to you and those in it, you need to nurture it.

It’s like pictures where you connect the dots. All of the dots (your connections) are there and have potential to become a real picture (value), but only if you put in effort and bring it all together.


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