Your Fate is in the Follow Up


You just finished an amazing sales interview for your dream job.

What’s next?


After each stage of the interview process, you should be sending a follow-up email to each individual that you interviewed with.

Dear Manager,

Thank you very much for taking the time to interview me. I am still interested in the position and look forward to hearing back from you.


The Candidate which won’t get the job

Bummer! You just sabotaged yourself. 

Sending a thoughtless two sentence “Thank you for your time” email, not only makes you look lazy and destroys the (hopefully) positive impression you left, but it opens the door for another candidate to swoop in and cement themselves ahead of you for consideration.

Follow up emails need to be strategically designed in order to impress.

Hiring managers not only want to see how pro-active you are with your follow-up, but how much thought you put into it. This should be done strategically, thoughtfully, and with purpose. (If you forgot to ask for and don’t have their direct email, message them on LinkedIn. It’s better to send something rather than nothing at all.)

Here are some key steps to improve your follow-up email:

Know Your Audience

  • Every interviewer is different and has their own unique personality. Some are serious, while others like to joke and use sarcasm. Some are no fluff straight to the point, while others like substance. Before starting your follow-up, think about your interviewers personality and try to adjust your message to play to their personality.

Say “Thank You.” 

  • Managers are very busy. Be respectful of their time and let them know that you appreciated the time they took to meet with you.

Be Strategic

  • Show the manager that you were present in the interview. Pick out a few highlights of the interview that truly resonated with you. This shows you were paying attention and have good listening skills.

Show Your Value

  • This isn’t just about why you love the company and the position. This is about reminding the team of the skills and value that you are going to bring to the table and why you will be successful in this role.


  • Always be closing! Move the process forward by reiterating your interest and close for next steps.

Be Timely and Error Free

  • Make sure you send your follow-up within 24 hours of the interview! And, don’t forget to spell/grammar check.

The Follow-up is a critical part of the interview process that many candidates over look or put very little thought into. Interviewing is selling. In sales, you wouldn’t forget to follow up or send a thoughtless follow-up. So don’t do it in the interview process.

Set yourself apart from the competition. Be remembered. Most importantly, get hired!

Hi Manager,

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me this morning. I really appreciate you diving deeper into the National Sales Recruiter position and the vision that Premiere Onboard is looking to carry out.

It was great to hear that you guys work hard to match people up with sales jobs according to their goals and skills. It’s important for me to know that everyone is passionate about the work that they do. Also, I love reading, so hearing about your company book club really brought a smile to my face!

Premiere Onboard seems to be growing and making an impact in the recruiting field. With my diverse background in sales recruiting and having placed hundreds of sales candidates to date, I am confident that I could truly be an asset to the company. Also, as we discussed, my past recruiting processes are very similar with Premiere’s so I would need little training to get my pipeline ramped up.

I remain very interested in joining the Premiere Onboard team and I look forward to hearing back from you about scheduling the next step in the process.

Thank you,

The Candidate Who Gets The Job


Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. What other ideas have you used in your follow-ups that have lead to success? 


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