Meet The Team: Jake Johansmeier


Jake is a prodigy. He came to us as an intern (our very first for our college program!) while still earning his bachelor’s degree in Public Relations/Image Management and playing baseball for Eastern Illinois University. For the past two years, Jake has been one of the company’s most outstanding recruiters and exemplifies what our culture is all about. Currently residing in Rochester, Minnesota, Jake is an avid fan of hunting & fishing, recently picked up a new hobby in crafting furniture out of his garage, and has two adopted dogs named “Johnny” and “June”.


How did you find out about Premiere Onboard?

“One of the partners reached out to me about the “I Graduate Next Month Program” and that was when I met Greg (Edelman). After working and learning with them, along with networking and reaching out to potential candidates, I was presented the opportunity to be a full-time recruiter. I grew a passion for helping people, loved the fast paced & competitive environment, and knew that this was what I wanted to do for my career.”


Why did you accept the opportunity with POB?

“I enjoy what I do. Having the power to control my own schedule, work with coworkers who have the same values, and the opportunity to meet new people every day, is really what makes this a thrill-ride. The company also shows a true interest in my growth and development, cares about me as a person, and challenges me to accomplish great things.”


What is one piece of advice you have for candidates?

“Be open and hear a recruiter out. There’s always potential for a negative situation but more often than not, your recruiter is going to change your life and present opportunities that you never thought were out there.”


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