First Interview: 5 cramming hacks to do the night before.

Most certainly, someone in your life has wished you luck. Our interpretation of luck is two-fold. One, luck is nothing more than an ambiguous state-of-perception. Two, we can generate our own “luck” by following a simple system. As Pierre Trudeau stated, “Luck, that’s when preparation and opportunity meet.”

Much like cramming for an exam, the final 24-hours before an interview can make or break your game day. Due to the significance of the final countdown, we decided to compile 5 cramming hacks to do the night before your big day. If followed, our hacks will provide an edge on your competition. Additionally, you’ll have the swagger of a CEO in the presence of a hiring-manager. Each of the hacks MUST be followed in succession to ensure success. Let’s dive off the deep-end.

  1. As peculiar as it may seem, this hack is relatively short. We’re certain you’ve contemplated your “perfect” outfit. So, we’re going to negate the typical spiel of “be sure to find your most comfortable and stylish outfit.” Our suggestion is lay it out. Whatever stylish, trendy, and comfortable attire you decide on, lay it out the night before. Your best odds of maintaining a Zen like state is creating a stress free environment. Part of this, involves every element of your go-to attire laid out the night before. Pro-tip: lay out your keys as well!
  1. Food can make or break your interview. Plain and simple, food has the unique capacity to disrupt your entire interview. Our main hack is don’t try your local exotic restaurant. Your meal should never consist of foods alien to your pallet or stomach. Simply put, eat foods that won’t irritate your bowels. Pro-tip: prep your food for the next morning.
  1. Once you’ve laid out your clothes and prepared your food, it’s time to dive into the equivalent of film study. Similar to a athlete, we must study every angle and dynamic of your soon to be employer. What this entails is READ everything.  From the company website to it’s varying social media platforms, find it and read it. Pro-tip: find a description of the early stages of the company’s growth and their latest press releases. Your end-game goal should be to echo them.
  1. While enduring your intense “cramming” session, you should generate 5 questions. Why generate 5 questions? These questions are vital to your confidence in the interview. In times of distress, insert the questions to control the general conversation flow. Pro-tip: the majority of hiring managers will provide a template for your interview. If questions are generated properly, insert the questions at certain predetermined junctures in the interview.
  1. This is a no brainer. Maintain a relatively consistent schedule in the days building up to your interview. As for the night before, go to bed at a consistant hour in alignment to your past 7 day sleep cycle. Do your best to refrain from the use of sleep aids. All the while, catering to one key element. TURN YOUR PHONE OFF an hour before bed. Or at least, use in moderation. Pro-tip: rise early to conquer the day.

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