Don’t Listen To Reviews

When a candidate tells you they are no longer interested in having a phone interview with a company due to the ratings on a review website…

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We get it.

Negative reviews aren’t what you want to see in a potential employer.

These reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt. 

Who do you think goes and writes reviews? The average happy person or the person who got fired for some (probably deserved) reason?

  • Would you not date someone based on the opinion of their EX?
  • What if your favorite restaurant in the entire world had some bad reviews and you never gave it a shot?

Not every company is perfect. (check out “How to overcome ugly” for businesses) and we’re not saying don’t look at reviews or ignore them. We’re just saying don’t throw away opportunities because of a couple reviews.


If you were interested in a position prior to reading the reviews, and the company offers you the chance to interview…TAKE IT!

Don’t close a door before you personally know what’s on the other side.

Use the opportunity to address the concerns you found.

  • Make note of some of the bad reviews.
  • During the first interview, ask about those reviews and get clarification on why someone would have written what they did. If true, see if/how they addressed the issue.
  • If their answers satisfy you, continue on with the process. If they don’t, politely remove yourself from the interview process.

Take the first step.

Ask the right questions.

Form your own judgement.

Personally, I wouldn’t be married if my wife listened to all my “reviews” before meeting me.

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