Are you Facebook professional?

For the duration of the hiring process, we can anticipate a single certainty. The varying HR personnel of the companies to which you’ve applied will scrutinize your social media. TRUST US!

So, let’s focus on Facebook for a minute. How can we avoid this potential catastrophe? In two ways. One, you can take down your Facebook. Two, which is IGNM’s suggestion, you can refine your page to be a robust representation of your strong personality.

The premise is simple. You’ll need to censor your latest Saturday night. All the while, you’ll need to highlight IGNM’s three social media suggestions.


  1. Similar to the cover page of a resume, profile and cover photos are the initial point of contact when viewing social media pages. Artfully calculate these photos to convey the two “P’s”: professionalism and passion. Gone are the days of “shotgunning” a beer in our profile picture. Your profile photo should scream class, elegance, and the capacity to “clean up well.” As for passion, our cover photo should represent whatever passion you may have. If you travel, utilize a photo of an exotic vista. Your passions allow an HR representative to view you as a “whole” candidate.


  1. Create a curated experience for every user. For this to occur, you’ll need to decipher between which jargon is necessary. View your Facebook as an infomercial. In order to convey the product, be selective as to how you brand your product. When developing your background, write content that signifies your desires, wants, and passions i.e. get rid of the content from your Facebook birth in 2004.


  1. Quality and control are arguably the most vital component of any company. Let’s apply this concept to your page. Take ownership of your timeline and tagging features. Create a censorship system that best caters to your wants and aspirations. In short, disable the option for your best friend to write incriminating content on your page.


Remember the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover?  Unfortunately people on social media are doing just that.  You are judged on your management of social media.  Be sure that you put your best foot forward rather than stumbling over yourself in an interview when the hiring manager asks about your risky Facebook post.

One of our greatest passions at IGNM is consulting candidates in optimal use of social media. Reach out to us for a chat about social media or your career search here!

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