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IGNM: Job Market Outlook 2016

2015 was a tumultuous year. From a growing career market to Drake’s Hotline Bing, 2015 highlighted the resilience of the American economy and our obsession with pop culture. Early reports all point to 2016 being nothing short of spectacular in most categories. What can you expect out of the workplace in 2016? Here are IGNM’s predictions on another robust year for the Red, White, and Blue.

Some watchdogs are predicting the return of a problematic market. By and large, most analysts are anticipating a strong 2015. What does that mean for you? You can expect your company or future company’s continued growth. As we fight off the remaining effects of the Great Recession, we can expect long overdue raises to be divvied out. There’s no better juncture in time to be the all-star candidate or rockstar employee. Companies will certainly dish out a greater amount of cash to their employees in 2016.

Piggy-backing off greater capital in your soon-to-be or current company, you’ll receive the long overdue training you’ve been yearning for. As disposable capital climbs, greater emphasis will be placed on employee wellness programs i.e. training, networking events, and other employee functions.

Arguably one of the most novel elements of 2016 will be the continued growth of the recruiting field. Due to an increased demand by Millennials and Generation Y, recruiting agencies, firms, and boutiques will exponentially increase. Throughout the course of 2016, expect to be “wined and dined” by recruiters to help you find your dream home. Drawing a direct correlation to the influx of millennial and generation Y career hopefuls, recruiters will establish a niche for placing these tech savvy individuals into non-conventional careers. More often than not, the technologically gifted soon-to-be post-grad with a knack for success will work with recruiters to refine his or her approach to Baby Boomer hiring managers.

A 2016 certainty will be found in the continued demise of America’s “suit and tie” culture. By and large, this cultural phenomenon has been on the ropes. With the advent of flexible or work-from-home culture growing, expect your newly found career to march to the beat of its own drum. IGNM predicts outside business-to-business sales as an earth-shattering sector to fully transition into the relaxed corporate culture. In all reality, how can you connect with your customers on a personal level while playing Tetris in a cubicle?

2016 will be an exceptional year to re-evaluate your current situation or find your first opportunity. Let IGNM help you find a new opportunity by reaching out to us here.